10 year anniversary gift ideas for wife


Congratulations! You’ve just hit a decade with her and now you are clueless about how you want to surprise her.

Don’t worry I’ve got your back and here are some really awesome 10 year anniversary gift ideas for wife.

When it comes to a present from the heart money is secondary, its only your love and effort that really counts.

From personalized rings, to necklaces, makeup products, to a simple handmade bouquet, there are some really good 10 year anniversary gift ideas for wife, which you can invest in.

Top 10 anniversary gift ideas for wife

1.Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace

An 18 inch sterling silver chain with a real handpicked gemstone, and with a very modern design, this can be the perfect gift for her. Sure to impress and be cherished!

2.A Dozen”I Love You’s” – 12 paper flowers, custom gift

Who doesn’t like flowers that stay forever and that too those flowers which visually express love.

You can get this  bouquet customized with your message and send it to your love one.

3.Things Remembered Personalized Regal Elegance Heart Keepsake Box with Engraving Included

What could be more beautiful than keeping a box with a message dedicated to you only. Perfect for keeping jewelry and keys or other accessories.

4.Vintage Heart Necklace Bronze Filigree – Boxed & Gift Wrapped

  •  Victorian inspired dainty little vintage heart pendant necklace. Hand-worked in antiqued solid bronze with delicate rose detailing and a filigree bail.
  • Complete with inspirational love quote by 18th century Italian poet Arrigo Boito. “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew”. 

5.Dear her Beauty and The Beast rose Handmade Preserved Flowers Forever Roses Bluelover in Glass Dome Gift Box 

Nothing beats the desire of roses for a lady. And if your lady is fond of nature and flowers, this preserved blue rose will surely impress her.

Preserved flowers are different from natural flowers as they stay fresh and do not wither. It can be kept for 3-5 years and tips for proper care are shown below.

6.Swarovski Womens Magnetic Bee Stud Pierced Earrings Gray One Size

Personally I’m in love with these magnetic bee studs, they look so beautiful and sort of convey a connection of love, time and nature.

7.Swarovski Stardust Beige Double Bracelet

For a woman who loves bracelets, this beautiful startdust bracelet is sure to delight her.


8.Personalized Silver Steel Tin Aluminum Iron

Thinking about your 10th wedding anniversary and wanting to give something memorable you can try this personalized silver steel.

Tin perfectly symbolizes the purity of your marriage for men and women, as it has low toxicity and is resistant to corrosion, whilst still being pliable.

9.Her Personalized Canvas Wall Art 

A truly memorable 10th anniversary gift. Think of a beautiful message for her and get it printed on the canvas. This is definitely a romantic keepsake to celebrate your love.


10.To My Wife I Loved you Then Romantic Anniversary Message Gift Idea 11oz Coffee Mug

And when you are in a relationship where things really don’t matter to either of you and you both have been growing super strong and you just want to register a token for your anniversary, this mug is a great idea, to enjoy your mornings together in bed.

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