Halloween Gifts for Husband Top 10 Picks


We all love to surprise our hubby on special occasion. And with Halloween just around the corner, I’m sure you are searching for the perfect Halloween gifts for husband.

From costumes to spooky shot glasses, it all depends on ur hubby interest and what you would want for him.

Here is a list of the top 10 Halloween gifts for Husband

1.A Spooky bucket of Booze


via Halloween Movie Night Gift Idea

You can either DIY or you can also buy wines with spectacularly spooky labels.

Or you can get Spooky Wine Labels. Check out 12 Spooky Wine Labels for Halloween

2.I’ve Got my Eyes on You


I found this one as a perfect Right on the spot Halloween gift for husband.

You just need round shapes candies and eyeball stickers or you can simply follow instructions and create this very spooky and daunting candy jar for your hubby this Halloween. via I’ve Got My Eyes on You Gift Idea

Spooky Halloween Gadgets

Trust me, men have something with gadgets. I believe they simply can’t resist the urge of pressing buttons. So Halloween doesn’t only have to be about spooky costumes and candies. Spooky Halloween gadgets surely will add more thrill and excitement to his Halloween night.

3.Radio-Controlled Black Widow


This amazingly created big sized with almost real feel alike fur made spider can move around like a remote controlled car. So with just a remote your spider will crawl here and there and add to the thrills. via Fun, Spooky Tech for Halloween

4.Skull Hub USB



Everyone needs a big, easily sighted USB port, and what could be better than a big human skull as your USB hub. via 10 Terrifying Halloween gadgets.

Very spooky indeed!

5.Ghost Detecting Phone Device


You don’t want any evil soul wandering around your hubby. This Japanese ghost detecting cell phone strap is can be attached to the phone and when any spirit is detected the light on the strap turns red indicating danger. via 10 Terrifying Halloween gadgets.

6.A Runny Nose that Will Make Him Laugh Not Puke!



This Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser is an ideal gift for the prankster. Simply push the nose to release shower gel that is stored within the nostril. You can easily refill the shower gel behind the nose when it’s empty. Includes 3 suction cups for easy mounting. via Gifts for Men

7.The Perfect Combo of Barbecue and Star Wars


Turn your meat to the dark side, with Darth Vader’s favorite cooking utensil. The tongs are metal, and are topped with heatless plastic handles. Great for cooking on the grill during the summer, or flipping items on the George Foreman indoors! via Gifts for Men

8.Smokin Hot Lighter Cufflinks


Although a little pricey, but these smokin hot James Bond styles lighter cufflinks will surely make him the life of any party. The perfect suit with these stunning cufflinks will definitely one of the best gifts for your hubby. via Gifts for Men

9.Crystal Glass Shot


This Crystal Skull Shot Glass is a hand-blown crystal clear borosilicate glass that holds 2.5 ounces of your favorite alcoholic spirits. Make him feel extra spooky when he’s taking down shots in these skull shot glasses. via Gifts for Men

10.Batman Mask

Finally, how is it possible to have a Halloween party without a mask. And what can be better than the Dark Knight Batman Mask. Perfect for costume parties and definitely for Halloween. via Gifts for Men




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