How to Convince Your Husband that You Have Changed Forever


How to convince your husband that you have changed and changed not just for a few days but forever…If this the only struggle you are going through, then trust me you are not alone.

After many major episodes of big fights with your husband and almost too seriously of thinking about divorce as your last resort, you keep coming back to this man; your husband. Why?….

You don’t even know the reason, in fact, you are not even thinking clearly but you just keep coming back to your husband like a whimpering kitten in pain and all you want is the same affection and the same whole-hearted forgiveness.

But this can’t go on for long.  And if this is becoming your habit then there will be a time when you have to break this habit and take some serious action or.. you might lose him FOREVER.

I know that many experienced and well-behaved or good wives like your mom or one of your aunt always give this advice that never push your husband to the boiling point.

And what’s worse is when they say that “We never did like this, we never pushed our husbands this far.”

Now that hurts, it’s almost like they are pulling you down and saying you are not that good of a wife and it’s all your fault.

I know such statements at this fragile point can be hurtful and demeaning. But trust me what they are saying is not wrong and it’s true that don’t stretch an elastic so long that it just breaks apart.

But you are different and you have a different temperament. Your every action is unique to you and you have done a blunder. And now this blunder is going to make you lose the most beautiful and precious relationship that you have and that’s “Us”

You truly, soulfully regret your mistakes. You really do this time, its 100% serious, not like last time when you half halfheartedly accepted your mistake and just to bring everything to normal you apologized but in fact, this time, you are ready to win a battle with none other than your own self.

Now that you have spent some real soulful time with yourself and have thoroughly scanned your own errors and have brutally criticized your own attitude and have discovered how mean of a person you have been, how least supportive you have been and over all how selfish you have been; you are disgusted with yourself and now really want to truly apologize to your husband. But saying only sorry is not going to work this time, because just like many times before he did accept your sorry and then you were the same selfish person again.

So, this time, you need to convince him that you have changed and not just changed, in fact, you have changed your ways forever.

Listed below are some very effective ways which tell you how to convince your husband that you have changed?

How to Convince Your Husband that You Have Changed-Forever!

1. Apologize Truly, Deeply and Passionately

Your sorry should not just be plain words, but it should reflect in your eyes, your body language, your overall personality.

This sorry is the first step. Of course, this time, your hubby doesn’t want to believe you and he would barely think of accepting this sorry, so be prepared for some hurtful words coming in return.

Explain to him the problem is not us its just me alone, my habits, my attitude all was wrong.

And I will not reason with you now, I won’t give you any explanations nor will I ask you to answer.

I am truly sorry and all I want is a second chance. I assure you, I have changed.

2. Actions Speak Louder than Words

Make a list of all his complaints that he has from you.

Not waking up early or not cooking good enough, rolling your eyes at him, not trusting him, even the tiniest of details that bother him.

Now start correcting yourself. This will take a while but you surely need to do this. Because now what you say from your mouth doesn’t have much value, now only your actions matter.

Work hard on trying to convince your husband that you have changed. This relationship means the world to you and you are willing to go the extra mile.

3. Make Some Sacrifices

I know this sounds pretty daunting but don’t you really want to know how to convince your husband that you have changed.

Now that your husband has shown you the door and you are not walking out of it. You are staying in with your head held high and with respect in his eyes.

Respect for being a woman who has enough courage to accept her mistake, her failure and has the faith in herself that she can fix everything and thus become a very emotionally strong woman.

So now if you have to quit the gym, to spend more time with him then do it.

If there are some people among your friends and family that your hubby is not very fond of then you need to distance yourself from them.

Now your No.1 priority is your hubby and don’t make these sacrifices with a heavy heart, in fact, do it in a way that you want to and don’t even bother if your hubby is noticing or not.

4. Become an Expert Listener

You have done enough talking and discussing now it’s time for him.

Let your hubby talk, your eyes your body language all should send the signal “Talk to me I want to hear.”

Even if he says something that you don’t  approve of a tiny bit, just gulp it down like a bitter magic potion which will do wonders later.

Don’t try to convince him to think in a different way. Listen intently and don’t interrupt . Keep aside your feelings of pain, remorse and guilt.

5. Give him Space, Reconciliation takes Time

It takes time for many episodes of fights to settle down.

Right now he feels hopeless about this relationship and is deeply hurt.

As they say, time is the best remedy so be it. A short recovery period can give a chance to doubt rise again and you can crash head first into the wall, again.

So the longer the wait time the firmer the belief.

In the meanwhile, do some spiritual exercises, pray if you do and just stay there and stay positive.

7. Extend Your Support and Care to his Friends and Family

Show your affection to his family especially his parents.

Although in the past if you didn’t get along with your mom in law or other friends of his, now you need to put aside your own self.

And your mother in law who you think can be the bridge between the two of you then try to follow these ten tips for getting along with your mother in law

Husbands are not monsters and they too are sensitive. We human beings have a great power of forgiving and forgetting.

And if you just hang in there with all your efforts you surely know how to convince your husband.



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