How to Get Over a Fight with Your Partner Constructively


“Forgive and forget” a phrase we often heard when we were little, especially after a fight with friends.

And as little kids, that’s exactly what we did.

How to get over a fight with your partner  in a very positive and constructive way is a very important step in every relationship. Right? 

When we could do this as little children why is it so hard to do it now? How to get over a fight with your partner is not that big of an obstacle in your life, the way you think it is.

 Of course, the intensity of the pain and hurt is stronger but the bond of marriage is even stronger than friendship. And I absolutely have no regret in claiming that when it comes to choosing between partner and friends one must opt for the partner. Becuase friends are not with you based on commitment but your partner is, and this commitment Needs RESPECT!

But unlike any other relationship where two different human beings come together, whether its parents and children, siblings, colleagues and partners, conflicts are absolutely unavoidable.

No matter how much of a lovey duvey relationship you claim to have with your partner and how considerate you are of the other, there will always be a time when you just won’t agree.

This disagreement can be very minor or it can lead to a major fight and if not resolved completely, it can lead to divorce.

I have witnessed many couples who are living together but have literally never forgiven each other. And even worse they can’t stand the sight of each other yet, they are married. And like me, you will also comment whats the point of living in hell like this? Get a divorce and move on.

But it’s easier said than done.

And the reasons such couples are not getting a divorce is because they are guilty themselves and or are not strong enough to ask for forgiveness or they are not very sure whether they will have a better life than the present one.

So what’s the real way of how to get over a fight with your partner and get over in a positive and constructive way?

How to Get Over a Fight With You Partner?

Things that must not have been said, have been said and actions that must not have been committed did take place?

The heartache is there and probably it’s unbearable. To forgive and forget seems almost like moving a mountain within yourself.

But deep down you know it that you love him/her and no words or actions mean more than him/her and you really just want to think that it never happened.

1.Accept It

This bitter state of affairs did happen and there’s no lie in it.

Yes, you and your partner went through a very undesirable argument which raised voices,  brought tears, with a shut door as well. And this is hard to admit but it did actually happen. As many therapists say acceptance is the first step towards a cure and its 100% true.

If you keep twisting and tossing on your bed thinking about why, how did it happen? You are just prolonging the resolution process.

So just accept the situation and think what’s to be done next.

Remember winners always accept the present no matter how hard it is, because only losers live in self-denial and you are not one.


I’m sorry! Short words great rewards.

How to get over a fight with your partner will become extremely easy if you apologize truly.

Seeking forgiveness from your partner is hard but it’s even harder to move on after a conflict especially when you are the defaulter.

Guilt and regret will make it very hard  for you to forget what happened and moving on with a clear heart and mind would seem literally impossible.

So just stay strong and positive and apologize.

3.Be Realistic (Every Relationship in the World has Conflicts 100% True)

This tip personally helps me a lot. Some of the earliest conflicts that I remember I ever had were with my mother.

Then siblings, friends, colleagues and husband. You see every human being is different. And whenever two individuals, with an individual mind come together under the same circumstances they usually think different.

Although the outcome doesn’t always result in a fight. But at a time it does too.

So without taking the pain to your heart, just think that this is something very unavoidable in any relationship.

So if your partner’s words in anger did really hurt you, in the moment just think in a way that “Ok I had fights with Mom and Dad.”

4. Good Memories with Your Partner Come in Handy

Those pictures of your wedding, birthday, anniversary or any random click of you both being happy, actually work as a healer.

How to get over a fight with your partner becomes really easy when you think of all the good times that you spent together. And the pain, anger of the fight is subsided with the good memories of togetherness.

5.Always Learn Something from the Fight

When you are trying to know how to get over a fight with your partner there is a lot of learning that you are doing.

You are learning what circumstances provoked this situation, you learn how to avoid such a conflict in future. You try to figure out other ways of conveying your opinions and thoughts.

6.Spend “Quality Time” Together

Lately, if you haven’t been spending some quality time together then you MUST take out time. A movie, any sport, or basically anything that interests you both.

Plan out things for the future together.

When you are in a relationship, you both are ONE and each  partner’s actions reflects actions of the other.

Try to resolve your fights in a healthy way which will make your relationship stronger and invincible.



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