How to Make My Husband Want Me


Let’s be honest when you and other women question yourself in silence “How to make my husband want me” is it really that you just want your husband to want you only for sex?


You also want him to want you emotionally, soulfully and of course physically?

When it comes to physical intimacy one only thinks of sex. Where sex is a basic requirement for every couple. Like every other requirement it often just gets fulfilled and is not always exciting and satisfying.

At times both of you are so busy in your daily routine that sex also becomes a part of the routine.

There is not much fun left in it and when it comes to women who are more emotional than men, it can be quite a miserable feeling for a wife thinking that her husband doesn’t desire her anymore.

And while sex is definitely one of the biggest reason behind it. It’s not the only reason.

Frequent arguments, a long list of complaints, a communication gap, depression, underlying illnesses, your nagging attitude or any other stress mostly from your side definitely pushes your husband away.

So if you suspect any of the above-listed reasons start working on them and learn the effective methods to know how to make my husband want me

How to Make My Husband Want Me: 6 Simple Steps

1.Spice Up your Daily Routine

Wake up in the morning, clean the house, cook, go to work, then again cook, clean if that’s all you do every day. You need to improvise this routine now.

If you need to miss a swim class for your kid on Sunday to spend some alone time with your hubby, then do it.

Always remember that kids who witness a healthy relationship between their parents grow up to have better relationships themselves and also learn the importance of family values.

Don’t live your life like a job instead, live each moment to fully enjoy it. Your happiness, your smiles can spread magic around the house and definitely become a source of comfort to your husband which surely makes him want you.

2.Stop Trying to Be a Super Woman

I know that you are the dedicated kind of woman, dedicated to your relationship, dedicated to your kids, and dedicated to your house. But too much dedication often gets us carried away.

You want to complete all your chores on time in fact deep down you do want everything to be perfect. With too much responsibility and hard work often you unknowingly start ignoring your hubby’s emotional and physical needs. Maybe all he wants is to just sit down with you on the couch and watch a movie. All he wants is some peaceful time with you in that locked bedroom.

3.A Little Bit of Dirt in the House is OK

Men don’t like half-hearted attention. So if you are cleaning the table and your hubby asks how does the shirt that he just tried look, and you don’t leave everything aside and not pay full attention to what he’s saying, this definitely can turn him off.

You just ruined his mood and sent him a message that you are not very important to me.

Also wasting too much energy to clean the house can make you exhausted and eventually you don’t have much of it left for your hubby.

A little bit of mess but more time with hubby is totally worth it.

4.Give Him 100% Attention

Are you ignoring his complaints about you and the marriage?

Do you even bother when he says you are spending too much time on facebook and instead keep scrolling down your phone? Do you just get defensive when he inquires about the amount of money spent on shopping?

Instead of getting defensive just sit down calmly and think if his complaints are justified.

Pay full attention to what he’s saying, whether he wants you to spend more dedicated time with him and not talk too much on the phone with your girlfriends. Only when he knows that you place him in the topmost position in your life he will feel really feel special about you and definitely would want more of you.

5.Try Something New in Bed

Is it the same old boring sex, without much excitement and anticipation?

Stop waiting for him to give you the signal, instead, you initiate it. If you are having only once a week then this is a pretty low frequency and you should place sex in your to-do list almost every other day. 

Costumes, sexy lingerie, new positions dark red lipstick all these things make you irresistible and totally desirable by your hubby.

6.Take Care of Yourself

When was the last time you went for a pedicure to the salon or even did it at home? Maybe more than those new shoes you need a new hairstyle. If you are feeling way too fatigued then go to your doctor for a routine check-up. Start eating healthy and take some supplements. Also a bit of exercise every day will keep that excess fat burning and those joints running.

Always remember a healthy wife is a happy wife:)


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