My Husband is a Highly Sensitive Person


“You were not paying attention to me when I was talking, now leave it.” “I want my food prepared earlier.”

Familiar? I bet those of you who have just stumbled across this post either know of such people or are maybe in a relationship with one.

But over here I particularly want to talk about husbands who are highly sensitive persons.

You see when you fall in love, the first feelings are some of the best feelings a human being can ever experience. You feel a surge of hormones gushing in your body, you feel crazy but in a good way, you can’t help smiling, you can’t help thinking about the “One” in fact you are constantly thinking about him. You love each and everything about that person. You start to feel as if he is a part of you now and you can never separate.

But with time these high-intensity feelings subside and this is completely normal.

And over the period of maybe 3 years or 10 years you get used to that person, so much that some habits become quite irritating.

And what if you come to the conclusion that my husband is a highly sensitive person and I can’t bear with it!

Believe it or not but I have seen many men in my family who are like that but guess what none of them have had a broken relationship.

And if you also have seen such couples especially when the husband is a highly sensitive person, the wife is usually happy (although the husband may look stern and not so very in the mood) there is a beautiful reflection of peace and happiness on the wife’s face.

So the more I researched on this topic I found out some very interesting facts, which I want to share with you. And if you are currently struggling in your relationship because you know that your husband is a highly sensitive person, then just hold on and just try to really understand him.

So here are 10 important things you must know if your husband is a highly sensitive

1. I am Sensitive to Your Feelings too

Your constant mood swings, or if you are not being straightforward, confuses me, irritates me. Please kindly explain to me before you get caught in a whirlpool of emotions.

2. I am Not Being Rude I Just Need to Zone Out

To perform better I really need my alone time. This does not mean that I don’t want to spend time with you, I just want to decompress so that I can recharge my soul.

3. I will be honest and Never Lie, Even if it Hurts

I’m sorry but I can’t lie and I don’t know how to lie. Neither can I pretend to like something if I just don’t like it. I want to be honest with you because only then I feel comfortable.

4. When I Say Something Please Acknowledge

When I’m talking to you please pay attention. I don’t like it when you are scrolling down your phone or when I ask you to do something please give it importance.

5. I Love You So Much that I Treat you As a Part of me

I love you completely with 100% honesty. I don’t think you are somebody different. I am not being a psycho possessive lover but I want you to be respected and given attention. For that, I will pinpoint any flaw that I see in you. Being in a relationship gives me some right over you, doesn’t it?

6. I Will Notice Subtleties that You Overlook

You and our life together mean a lot to me. I want everything to be beautiful and perfect around us. So please forgive me but I can’t help noticing the hidden meaning in your fabricated conversation.

7. I am Not Crazy but I like Things to be Perfect

Being called a “perfectionist” is actually a compliment and I am proud of it. I can’t be haphazardly doing stuff I need to go over the details and pay full attention to every little act I have to perform.

8. Getting Over an Argument is Not Easy for Me

I really appreciate the fact that you get over the fights and arguments like the blink of an eye and for me getting back to normal is like moving mountains. But guess what I take that time to cleanse my mind of all the pain caused and restart.

9. The Only Person I Really Love Being with is “YOU”

I know that I don’t always express my love for you the way you want me to, but guess what you are really the “One” I love the most. My every gesture is for you.

10. I am Thankful to You for Everything

Since I don’t have many friends and I am also not very active on social media, but you are my window to all the colors of life. And guess what I hate it when you stop talking to me. My world shuts down.  I love you so much and thank you for everything- I mean it.

So hey there my beautiful ladies, if you closely analyze your highly sensitive husband and come up with these findings, stop fighting and feeling sorry for yourself. In fact feel blessed to have such an amazing partner.





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