Top 10 Qualities of a Good Woman to Marry


The title may sound cheesy, old-fashioned, very judgy. But maybe once in a while as grown-ups, we may have thought of, “What are the qualities of a good woman?”

And it also doesn’t really matter whether you are a man or a woman, trusts me we all analyze other peoples qualities before befriending them, let alone choosing them as a life partner.

If you are a man who is thinking of settling down and are not really sure if she is the “One.” Then look out for these top qualities of a good woman.

And if you are a married woman but are going through a rough patch and are fighting a battle within yourself. Or if you are wondering “Whats wrong with me, how do I make him understand me” then try to instill the following qualities of a good woman.

Top 10 Qualities of a Good Woman to Marry

Here is a list of the top 10 qualities of a good woman, which by far I have shortlisted through my experience, of witnessing all age group couples (mostly happy ones)

1. A Good Woman Will never Pretend to be Someonelse

Let’s be real!

Fake people, fake friends, we just hate them. The same way if you are in a relationship the last and worst thing you would want to find out is that she’s not being herself.

And the worst thing about such fake people is that you can’t trust them. So if a woman is just smiling to show you but is not smiling from the inside. It means she has some hidden agendas, so if you hint of such fakeness in a woman and if this habit is consistent, it would be best that you bid farewell and save yourself from a toxic relationship.

2. A Good Woman Will Always Express her Love to You without expecting the same From You

How many times have you heard of women saying that its 50 -50. It always works both ways. Well if you hear of a woman calculating the happiness of a relationship through proper mathematics. Boy! You’re in a big mess.

The point is every individual is different. If for one expressing love is saying “I love you” for the other it will be a simple gesture, like looking at you and smiling.

So a good woman will always express her love towards you in whatever way she does. But she will and will not hold herself back because you are not expressing the way she wants you too or as much as you do.

3. A Good Woman is not Materialistic ( Principles and Values Have More Meaning)

She’s a gold digger! Well, I think any sensible guy would not knowingly fall for a gold digger. Right!

Any good and sensible girl will look at the price tag before moving to the counter and not take pride in saying that, “I don’t even look at the tag.” Well, be it too much money or less money it is earned and worked for.

Besides a good woman will always cherish and value the people more by making an effort to make out time for them instead of waiting in long lines for the latest collection launch

4. A Good Woman is Not Stubborn

Flexibility and adaptability two prime qualities for a successful relationship. So if your girl is way tooo much about me, me and me. Then your life is doomed. Because if she’s not able to get out of her me then where can you find yourself in there?

A good woman understands the situation and thinks of what would be the best for everyone and not just for herself

5. A Good Woman Gets Over Petty Jealousies

She got the hottest palette. They went to Venice for vacations. She lost so much weight.

Much concentration on others and less focus on your own life. That’s the kind of woman you do not want to marry.

A smart and considerate woman will always get over petty issues and jealousies in a sensible way. Also, the intensity of her feelings will be felt only when she is genuinely jealous of another woman when you give her attention. But even then she will try not to become a nag and will focus her energy more on her relationship than on the other woman. This way she will build more trust in you.

6. A Good Woman Accepts Her Flaws and Mistakes

I am always right. Nobody ever says that but deep down there are soooo many people who feel like it.

The only reason things go wrong is because of you as they are always right. Trust me this is one of the biggest red signals of a human. Stay clear from such women, who always fail to genuinely accept their mistakes.

And remember it’s not always the verbal acceptance or apology that shows they have accepted their mistakes but its the overall attitude that shows they are guilty and they want to make amends.

7. A Good Woman Will Always Motivate You To Do Better

A genuine friend a real woman will be your biggest support and critic. So if a woman really cares for you and she wants you to dream big and deep down she knows that you can do much better. She will tell you, guide you, support and be with you.

Mark Twain said, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

8. A Good Woman Will Care For You In Every Possible Way

I bet this is what every man wants. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Even if he has the “Man FLu” maybe he enjoys getting the attention and care. So if a woman really cares for you when you are not feeling well or are stressed and she tries her best to make you feel better. Hold on to her and love her in the best possible way.

9. A Good Woman is Not Selfish

This is definitely one of the most important qualities of a good woman.

A good woman does not only think about herself yet will not compromise her self-respect. By all means, she will look into the situation and will see what suits to everyone and that everyone is comfortable with it.

And even if it means that she does the dishes for the night while you can sit and relax, she will do it without thinking that someone just attacked her feminine freedom and respect. A good woman is caring, supportive and selfless.

10. A Good Woman Will Actually Want to Settle Down

Last but not the least. When a woman is really into you and knows that you are the One she will want to settle down. Without wasting time, she would want to seriously start her life together with you and will be ready to make sacrifices if needed. So if your girl wants it and you know it then you must start making plans.

After reading this post don’t feel that its impossible to find such a woman. It’s not. When you get serious in life and want to settle down, a wonderful woman with all the above qualities might enter your life herself.


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