Top 10 Qualities of a Good Man


Whether you are a man or a woman or a woman looking for a future husband or a man trying to impress his girl. One must know what are actually the qualities of a good man.

Trust me no matter which direction the world is headed to, some things/feelings never change.

Women want men to make them feel safe. Women desire a strong headed and confident man. A desirable man makes you feel wanted and loved.

So from my experience, I have listed down the top 10 qualities of a good man.

10 Qualities of a good man

1. He Pays Attention

Have you ever come across a guy who is just scrolling down his phone when you are talking to him?

Or you just know that he’s not paying attention when you are telling him something serious? Well if yes, then he is not a good man and definitely a big no for marriage.

A desirable man will always pay complete attention to you and if he is really busy in some other work he will try to take excuse in the most humble way.

2. He is Optimistic and Open Minded

A loser attitude comes with a loser thought process.

“Guys who claim that’s not possible, this cant be done. No, you will never get it. Or you cant challenge that formula.”

These ideas depict a weak personality. A confident man has open views and is accepting towards change. He does not really go by the books but is excited towards challenges and change.

3. He is Strong headed and Takes Responsibility

Be smart enough to come to a point and make a decision. Women feel happier and confident with men who are strong enough to take lead and be responsible for it. Even if that means walking behind the man, and not always side by side. Problems usually arise when the man is not confident enough to make a firm decision let alone take charge.

4. A Good Man is Humble

Rude, angry, agitated, edgy men. Women just don’t like them. A calm and humble personality spreads positive vibes. The old test always applies; how does he call out to the waiter, or talk to the salesperson. Is he gentle with kids?

So if a man has enough control of his temperament and is generally a down to earth kinda guy, hold on tight to him and never let him go.

5. He will not let others take advantage of him

This one is my fav! In fact, this is such an important quality, even for women. Do not let others take advantage!

Men, usually, the beta and gamma types are not strong enough to stand against the stronger ones.

They put some people in their lives onto some higher stature and always feel below them. Be it their parents, siblings, colleagues, some friends. And they always feel they have to obey them. Even if it means being taken for granted. And this quality really pisses off the women in their lives, who just don’t want others to take advantage of her man.

Or in some cases, some women even take advantage of such men, but then the relationship is not genuine and long-lasting.

6. He is respectful towards woman

No matter how much women are in the fight for equality and freedom, they always give an edge to a man who treats women with respect.

Be it holding the door, standing up and offering you the seat, offering help to pick up the grocery. All these small efforts make a bigger difference.

Women absolutely adore such men!

7. He is Not Assertive

My way is the right way! Such thinking is a big put off for any good woman. Men who only want their ways to be implemented without keeping in consideration of others, appear to be rude, over smart, boastful and incompetent.

One of the very important qualities of a good man is that he is a team player and will not be bossy. If he is right he is smart enough to convince everyone wholeheartedly without thinking too highly of himself.

8. He is Particular of His Visual Appearance

Trust me no matter how much people argue over this fact, appearance and presentation matters. Before even speaking it’s your physical appearance that makes an impression. Ruffled hair, shabby clothes, muddy shoes, and not wearing a perfume, will simply send people away.

Women know that a guy who takes care of himself will take care of them too. As he knows the importance of physical presentation.

9. He Does Not Pretend to be Someone else

Be yourself. We all want this in every relationship.

Don’t try to be too good, too intelligent. Just be yourself even if that means being a bit lazy, laid back, or particular about some things. All of us have our strengths and weaknesses and we should take pride in them, not cover them. And try to be good in the way we just are and always leave room for improvement and change.

10. A Good Man Adjusts to the Situation

Its time for the gym so I have to go. I’m sorry I can’t even take a nibble after 8, Ohh I just don’t like desserts, I have no interest in sports.

Trust me you don’t want this guy in your party.

Everyone wants to be around people who go with the flow and enjoy the moment. And who think of the situation as greater than them.

I will not say that its impossible to find a guy who has all the above qualities of a good man. Through my experience, I know there are 🙂